GitLab + Bytebase Database-as-Code

Bytebase integrates with GitLab to allow team to manage database migration scripts in the GitLab repository. Migration pipeline is triggered on observing new migration script push event, View detailed guide.

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SQL Review

A dedicated review workflow and UI for Developers and DBAs to collaborate on schema changes. Assisted by built-in advisor such as backward compatibility checks.


Integrate with VCS hosting the migration scripts. Migration pipeline is triggered on observing new script push event.

Streamlined Deployment

Support multi-stage, multi-environment schema change in a single pipeline.

Migration History

Bookkeeping the full migration history with side-by-side diff comparison between versions.

Anomaly Center

Periodically scan all managed instances and databases and provide user a holistic view to see all anomalies.

Drift Detection

Automatically detects schema drift by comparing the recorded schema and actual schema. Catch any unexpected schema changes.

Backup and Restore

Per-database automatic and manual backup. Environment specific backup schedule policy. Restore to new database with the entire restored migration history chain.

Role-based Access Control

Two role set. Owner, DBA, Developer for workspace. Owner, Developer for project.


Retire instead of destroying. Prevent breaking the system accidentally while keeping it manageable.