We value crafts and we care what you have built in the past instead of where you have worked and studied. Our team have built products managing one of the world largest database fleets, supporting one of the largest developer organizations.

How we build

Deliver experience

"Don't deliver a product, deliver an experience." - Anonymous

Like visiting Disneyland or a local Apple store, we want our product to deliver a pleasant experience. Dealing with database is already a stressful task, we try to make our tool to feel handy and never get in the way of people doing their job.

Be pragmatic

"Real artists ship." - Steve Jobs

In order to deliver the ultimate database ops platform, we have to ship relentlessly. That doesn't mean we will cut corners to downgrade the experience, but as a professional tool, we believe experience depends more on usability than esthetic. We will spend more time to improve speed than perfecting the pixel, we will follow conventional patterns instead of inventing our own.

Stay curious

"Living things tend to change unrecognizably as they grow. Who would deduce the dragonfly from the larva, the iris from the bud, the lawyer from the infant? Flora or fauna, we are all shapeshifters and magical reinventors. Life is really a plural noun, a caravan of selves." - Diane Ackerman

The database industry is still dominated by the relational model introduced in 1970. On the other hand, the productivity and dev tools landscape is experiencing a paradigm shift, tools are aggressively embracing web-based technology, which unleashes many new possibilties. We are always on the lookout for novel interaction patterns from our productivity and dev tools peers and see if any can be applied to the database tooling.

What we offer

Top salary and equity on the market Work remotely (Beijing timezone GMT+8) Stipend to set up your home office 3 weeks paid vacation An elite team


Backend Engineer (China)

Our frontend uses Vue + Vite + TypeScript + Tailwind CSS, and our backend uses Golang + SQLite. As a backend engineer, you will work with the frontend team to craft the industry-leading database tool. Some of the problems you will be working on:

  • Build the state-of-the-art SQL query advisor.
  • Advanced schema change engine for supporting complex scenarios like online DDL, customer multitenancy.
  • Easy-to-use comprehensive backup and restore solution for supported database types.
  • Build up the plugin architecture to gradually evolve the product into a platform.
Frontend Engineer (China)

Our frontend uses Vue + Vite + TypeScript + Tailwind CSS, and our backend uses Golang + SQLite. You will work with the backend and product team to craft the industry-leading database tool. Some of the problems you will be working on:

  • Evolve the frontend architecture and define the boundary and interface with the backend.
  • Build the industry best vue-based SQL console and editor.
  • Maintain and improve our vue-based UI component library bbkit.
  • Generate UI console based on database schema.
Engineering Intern (Shanghai Office)

We are hiring intern all year long. However we have limited spot because we need to make sure we can allocate enough resource to mentor each intern. If you are interested, please contact us from the bottom button to check the availability. We will offer the top-tier internship compensation, but more importantly, you will likely receive one of the most comprehensive engineering training in the country.

* We require intern to commit at least 3 days a week and work from our Shanghai office.

What we are looking for

  • Solid computer science background and frontend development experience
  • Read and written English skills (verbal skill is desired but not required)
  • Write readable code
  • Good sense of UX
  • Full stack experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Curiosity
  • Play video games or board games

Interview process

Most likely, all interviews will be conducted online

  • Step 0: Let us know you're interested.
  • Step 1: Resume screen.
  • Step 2: 15 ~ 30 minuntes introduction chat.
  • Step 3: Pick one of our open sourced take-home assignments and finish in a week.
  • Step 4: 1 hour technical interview, we will discuss the take-home assignment as well as other topics.
  • Step 5: Another 1 hour technical interview.
  • Step 6: Offer.